Thursday, December 31, 2009


Summer got to help us put all the presents out the night before so she was going to town,            eating everything in sight!
These are a few "line ups"  we do before we go out for presents on Christmas morning. We torture the children by making them take tons of pictures before opening all their presents.

A new tradition that I think will stick... we had powdered doughnuts for breakfast. Alot less cooking for mom. What gift that is for me not to have to work on Christmas. Thank you family!
                            The aftermath. Steve in his usual spot on Christmas morning...playing              legos...and looooving every minute of it.
I made these quilts for the boys.
Mason made this cute purse for his friend Marliese's Birthday on the 30th. 

This was their grand finale present. They have been on it as much as they can. Today it's 35 degrees out they have been out there for two hours. Merry Christmas to me.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Pictures

Thank you Grandma for the Christmas dresses!

Mason's painting is going to the national Reflections Competetion

What is Christmas without some gingerbread houses?

Too cute to leave out...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

So I was telling Fox how excited I was for him to see what he was getting for Christmas and that he'll never guess what it is, it is soooo cool. It will the be the best christmas present he will ever get as a kid. Fox says, " I hope it's a chainsaw".

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Grand Kids

This one goes out to you, Mom, because you cry everytime you call. Here is visual for all the conversations you've had with the kids. They miss you like crazy and Julia asks every day if Grandma and Grandpa are still on an airplane. 

Grand Kids

Baby is getting so big she stands up on everything.
before church
This is what happens when you let the boys play with the baby. She gets naked and sweat banded.
This is her first time in the chair at the table and she is loving being up with the rest of the kids.
Julia is all ready for three years!

Grand Kids

Cooper's Christmas countdown!
My favorite moment this week/ life. Fox was helping Mason with his piano piece without our knowledge. pretty cool.
We were trying the belly laugh game but they don't have the patience to wait for everyone to get into place. we barely had time to take the picture.
who doesn't love a "pants on the head photo"

Christmas celebration

We had a few friends over for a little get together and this is how the house looked. It was a Black and White affair. Everyone really got into the theme and dressed appropriately, and looked very elegant! It was very fun. Thank you to all who came. We ate divine food and wonderful company!!!

We had a carmel bar, my favorite part and Rachel made the most delicious homemade marshmallows!
Thank you ,mom, for supplying all the cute decorations even from afar! xoxoxo