Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School!

Mom is out of town, but was sure to check in on the phone with the new school goer.

When you ask Cooper to "go stand by the tree so I can take your picture"
this is what you get:

SO, I couldn't decide - in front of the tree? or in front of the house? You decide!

We made it to school alive and on time

Mason in front of his new "cubbie"

Cooper in front of his VERY FIRST "cubbie"

Mason isn't quite sure about his new classroom, but he seemed ok with it

Thursday, August 06, 2009


I had one chance to take this priceless picture and the second I took it they scrambled. I plan on doing this shot more throughout the years.
That Cooper can never be too far away from Summer. He is infatuated with her! 

This is a sign of a good, fun filled day.


Fox is running through the little fountain in our old town Arvada. The kids loved sitting on the holes thinking that the shooting water would launch them high into the sky but no such luck. All they got was wet.
At the "beach" ( Penelope likes to put quotes around it because its not a REAL beach ( beach snob;))) The water was sooooo cold because it's a mountain lake. They loved making pools in the sand.

The little ones are having a rest on the warm sidewalk. We found the perfect water park for our kids under eight. Everything was miniature so they had a blast.

Summer was mad. She came all ready to dive in and we wouldn't let her.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Keystone Wedding

A friend of mine got married at Keystone ski resort on Friday night. I was the DJ and Sarah and Summer came up the gondola with me to set up. The ride up was beautiful:

We even found a lucky penny at the summit:

at 11,000+ feet, babies get cranky.