Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Great Man

I got a phone call yesterday from a friend. He told me that his father died. I haven't seen this man in years, but it still hit me square in the chest. He stood about six feet, eight inches.. maybe bigger. He had to weigh somewhere between three and four hundred pounds. I grew up seeing him at church every week. A quite man, he earned his living as a factory worker in Pontiac, Michigan. I remember he would lean down with a gigantic smile, stretch out his enormous hand and say hello every time I saw him. He faced hardships and overcame. He was a great man.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Frozen nose

Maybe thats what I'll name my band... I still like "Ashtray baby heads" or maybe "Diesel Dust". If anyone takes those names... you'll know they heard it here first.

I went to lake powell this weekend. Most people go there in the summer. I can see why. I have been there in the summer. I like it a lot... but to go in the fall or winter is a COMPLETELY different experience. I slept on top of the houseboat. It couldn't have been 45 degrees either night we were there. The moon was so bright it was surreal. Once it set over the horizon, the stars were so bright you could see their reflection in the water. The lake was a giant sheet of glass. The silence was only occassionally broken by a distant boat, a high flying plane, a raven and even coyotes. No Jet Ski chainsaw conventions this time of year. It was so serene.