Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mason is 6!!!

Bright and early Saturday morning Mason finds his way to all his loot.
Who is more excited for the cake?
Thank you for the costume Grandma!! Thank you for all the birthday presents everyone!!
Cooper petting the Silkie. I couldn't resist this picture.

A day in the life...

This is my favorite picture this month. This could be my favorite of Julia and her dad of all time. 

Julia and Cooper were out enjoying the nice warm weather for the last time this season. The chickens come right up to you in the yard because they think you have food for them. One of the hens let Cooper pet her. Julia loves to be out there with them.

This is one tired baby coming in from the car. She is sleeping sitting up, with her tongue out.

Movie night is every Fri. with the family and usually Julia is in bed when we start but this time she got to stay up and she feels pretty good about herself!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Steve announces last weekend that we are going to take family pictures and my year was made. I know how much he despises this occasion like hot needles in his eyes. I was so grateful. We found this little nook right here in the city and the boys were so well behaved.
The sun was just right and Steve took the most amazing shots but you don't get to see the good ones until Christmas!

We found a playground nearby for the little ones to blow off some steam after sitting still for so long. They were angels!!
We are at Sam's the other day looking at all the Halloween scary guys and Julia just freaks out excited! She is screaming and pointing and making this face we have never seen before. Eyebrows high and mouth open wider than a bass fish. We were rolling on the floor laughing!

Steve's good friend Colleen from school stopped by for a visit. She dragged us out to Bojo's for some yummy montain pizza. Very fun!