Wednesday, September 01, 2010


The Very first place Summer took us when we arrived at her house was this amazing breakfast nook in Swansboro that served the most incredible fritters. We picked strawberry but they also have banana and peach. We sat at the bar (best seats in town) so we could watch the magic happen. At one point one of the lady cooks saw one of us without a plate and yelled at us "Ya'll ain't going without breakfast". Certainly not! So we ordered a shrimp omelet that was to die for!

We got together with Will and Maggie and their brood. They came down from Raleigh to see us at Summers house. They are in the middle of a killer game of Simon Says.
Maggie is in Beauty school and Julia is benefitting here from her expertise!

Summer rented us a house on the beach to stay at while we were in NC. Here are all the Stamps Grandkids

Uncle Jonathan took everyone Shrimping down off the pier.

Giacomo was coerced into giving his cousin a kiss because he just made her cry. sweet boy!
Mason, Penelope, Emerald, Cooper, Savanagh and Steve.

The babies presented grandma with a sand pie.
These boys boogie boarded the entire time we were at the beach. They looooooved it.
Giacomo, Summer and Summer
Here are all the Kelly grandkids. It was our last day and Mason was a little sad to leave and Julia was sacked out in the car but we were determined to get the photo no matter what!
Thank you so much, Kehr's, for such a wonderful visit. You really put on the dog for us. We love you tons. I wish we could do it every year...Next time at our house;)