Thursday, September 01, 2011

Summertime FUN!

We had so much fun this summer. I'll just quickly go down the list and mention a few.
Picnic at the Golden Farmers market for Dad's birthday.

Swimming alot at the Glennon Heights pool with cousins and friends.

Camping at the Ellsworth park a few times come rain or shine. If the rain, we sleep under the roof. Wouldn't you?

Carousel horses to celebrate Julia's 4th birthday!!!!

Playing in the mud pit after a huge rain storm. The boys were all over that yard but they did it in their underwear so I spared them the embarrassment of naked pictures.
 Our favorite Brit, Louise came to visit and the kids cannot get enough of her! Isn't she Gorgeous!
 Summer has too much fun swimming and gets pooped out before we can get her to her bed. Cooper like to harass her.
 Louise is giving Mason the most wicked mohawk. It takes talent to get those locks to stay high.
                                                Mason buried himself in the sand at Splash. 
 Best buds.
 The firehouse Museum downtown had an open house so Grandpa took all the grandkids for a tour. We got to ride the fire engine around the block and the boys sprayed the hose. It was clean water so the girls played in the runoff. 

 Roasting hotdogs and marshmallows at Grandpas house. A huge treat for the kids. They love it!
 Bunjie trampolines at Copper
 Our whole family went up to Copper Mtn. and played all day riding the skii lift to the top of the mtn., bumper boating, golfing, riding digglers, and having drag races in the go carts. It was a blast!
 Yard work. The kids really like to get sweaty and help out their dad. 

 The kids consumed two huge boxes of these otter pops this summer. That's a record for our family.
 Yes that Julia riding the rake to get it to weigh enough to pull enough dirt. Steve worked his guts out on the yard this year. It's looking great!

A group shot on sunset hill