Thursday, August 23, 2007

Back Home!

Fox's first day of School - going to Stevens Elementary

All of the kids got together to wish him well

Julia got all dressed up for church last Sunday

Julia's preferred sleeping position:

Lake Powell 3

Cooper is hoping for a spot on the cover of GQ

Fox managed to stay on the tube despite the others being thrown off

Cooper is about to fall asleep on the speedboat

Lake Powell 2

Jeff is driving about 45 mph through the channel... Fox and Mason are too cool for their own good.

Gotta have sticks.

Julia and Dad

It's THAT picture.

I think some one may have watched a Harry Potter movie before this trip...

Lake Powell 1

Julia's first swim in the lake:

And the rest of the trip... well... I guess we relaxed.

Blessing Day

Mom picked out her blessing dress

We blessed her at Mt. Falcon Park

Three Generations of AWESOME!

Once again... Cooper just couldn't contain his excitement.

Glamour Queen

No Pictures Please!

Again with the sitting up...

Taking turns can be hard for the boys... but they are doing alright.

Lounging in her chair

Uh... Mom?

More Home Time

Cooper and Julia out for the count

Skinny legged girl

Looking at Mom

She likes to sleep

Another "Outfit" picture

Life at Home

Cooper gets his turn to hold her

Grandma and Grandpa Kelly came to visit

Not quite smiling... but almost

Out cold

Mom likes to dress me up and then make me sit upright in chairs.

Julia Comes Home

Each boy just HAD to have a turn holding her before they would go to bed

She had a moment to relax by herself

But first thing in the morning... it was more brother time.

Okay.. Back to Julia

All four kids

Dad's hand, Cooper's finger and Julia's toes

The boys can't get enough.

Friends Cyndi and Katherine came to visit.

Summer Pictures

Cooper turned 3!

We went to an airshow - well - and they had some cool old cars there too! (this picture is for Grandpa Stamps and Lance)

The boys got to sit in a real Blackhawk helicopter (Somali insurgents sold separately)

That's a real-life, in-flight WW2 bomber doing a flyby. so LOUD and so COOL!

Does life get better than poolside chips and cheetos?