Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Charles Dickens Christmas

 My best friend from college, Alex, came out to see us while we were in town. She is amazing.

One mention of the word 'party" and Debbie and I jumped into our car and drove to California with my five kids to surprise Polly. It was the most fun! The Hartvigsons put on a Charles Dickens Christmas Party at their farm and it was out of this world. They transformed their whole yard into a miniature London with Candle stores, a wool shop , post office, toy shop, Candy shop, play house and a puppet show. Everyone dressed up in period clothing. They had delicious old english food for dinner only after we got to tour the town and make our own candles and pull wool. Hunter carved knives and swords which he sold to earn money for his mission. They put on a Punch and Judy puppet show with homemade puppets. Brian Read the story of Scrooge while all the children acted it out up on the stage. We had the most wonderful dessert bar. Gorgeous scenery all painted by Polly. The whole weekend was amazing. Did I mention that it was 82 degrees ?