Monday, November 23, 2009

Orange Crush

I've lived here for the better part of ten years now.

It's about time I went to a Broncos game - even if it was viewing from the very top row.

Friday, November 06, 2009

G&G Stamps

Grandma and Grandpa Stamps came to visit a couple weeks ago. We had a wonderful time with them and the children just LOVED them UP! 
Julia could not let Grandpa have an empty lap, especially when treats were involved.

On Sunday they went to primary with the kids and the teachers loved it and said they were very helpful. They also said how cute it was that Grandma and Grandpa held hands the wole time. Thank you Stamps for making the voyage out to see us. We love you!!

Dress up?

I don't know if dressing up as a star wars guy on Halloween is different from any other day of the year, only that it's official. At our house the boys always look like this. Only Mason decided to go rogue on us and play Vampire or the night. We couldn't smooth talk Julia into a costume for even long enough to take the picture. At least they are all happy!
Summer. A little bug as usual. Such a happy baby.
Trick or treating this year was better than ever. The weather was so warm we didn't need coats for the first time. After the first block the kids were all tired and begged us to go home.     Which means all their candy is gone (devoured) in the first week, after 10% is given to the Bishop of course. Best Halloween Ever!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Happy Fox Day

Nine years ago today Fox joined our family.

Lucky for us he's AWESOME!

(He's much happier than these pictures show)