Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We went to the city water fountain to cool off and Fox got a little wet. It doesn't look like he minds.
                                                       The Mowhawk
Mason is holding a real live tarantula. Her name is Rosie and we met her at the Butterfly Pavillion along with many other insects,spiders and sea creatures that you could pet. Then there was the butterfly room with maybe a million butterfly's. Gorgeous. Kids were in heaven.
Great Grandma and Grandpa Kelly came to visit for a couple days and we love to visit with them. They are so dear to us.
Summer, Mary and I went to see ABBA at Redrocks. It was groovy just being at the venue but to have good music playing made it even sweeter!! Thanks girls! 
Dad took some time today to swim with the kids and they loved showing him all their tricks and high jumps
Cooper and Emerald got along so well this trip and love goofing off thogether. We would catch them doing the cutest little "baby" things. As a mom you think four is a pretty old kid but they really are still baby. So darling!!!
We call this look "the stink eye" and she will produce it on demand. It is hilarious. She also walks around the house pointing her finger at things and making this funny noise from the back of her throat that she has learned from the boys. She is casting spells on everyone, like a wizard does. She particularly likes to do it with a pencil or anything of that nature. 
All the kids dog pilling on Uncle Steve on the hammack at Grandpa's house

Friday, July 11, 2008

Julia is 1!!!!

I can't believe it. A whole year old. What a funny face. What a great year it has been!!

Jack's Blessing

Here we are in Utah for Nate and Darlene's new baby, Jack's blessing. All of Brian's grandkids were together so we had to take the opportunity to take a million pictures in every position. The kids amazingly did not explode from having to sit still for so long. They all did very well!

These are the "babies". Neve, Emerald and Cooper ( the stinker, it would be way too much to ask for a smile from all three)After the blessing we had a little lunch with our dearest friends and Fam. Thank you Dean and Maria for coming!