Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Teaser

This girl...

Julia LOVES shoes. Every time we go to the shoe store she trys on the most fabulous and shiny/glittery shoe she can find and wants me to take her picture in every one of them. She's amazing.

 Julia and Summer would rather share a popsicle than go without one. They love being together!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Fox and Dad on their first 11 year old scout overnighter. They said it was freezing but they stayed warm and had a great time. They hiked in with all their gear for about a mile and a half. ate delicious warm dinner. Fox learned how to chop wood with an axe and start a fire. They came home all in one piece!


Of course mom always out does me on just about everything but I love it! Here is dinner at her house on Halloween night. The kids had a ball but I think the adults had more fun watching them react. That mom is sooo creepy!
 Eyeballs. Chocolate covered almonds in Leches.

 Witch fingers. Bread sticks and cranberries
 Just a centerpiece. Dried fish. I love Coopers face in the background.
 Real octopus. not living.
 Jello worms, delicious!

 Genius cooks
 Real eggs that have bend brined. We did not eat them but they sure looked yummy;)
Sissy made the most divine pumpkin mousse, with real whipped cream and gingersnaps. A perfect end to a ghoully evening. Thanks ladies for a fun holiday all around!


We had the funnest Halloween Soiree! Summer was our official photographer and did everything else too as did Mom. Amazing party planners are essential!

 Homemade chili, Caramel apple bites, and corn bread for dinner.
 Debbie Kelly made and incredible cocoa bar.

 Our real fireman to man the smore's bar. Thanks Dad!
 The Cardon family submitted the one and only Carved pumpkin for the contest. They won! Lionel was happy
 Kids stayed busy with art projects, games in garage and cookie decorating.

 Smore's bar.

 Homemade doughnuts made by our in-house doughnut queens

We left some prizes at the bottom of this gem. If you were brave enough to dig under blue brains and eyeballs for them then you earned it!