Friday, June 24, 2011

New York baby!!

Our most favorite mom in the whole world took us girls to New York for Mother's Day. We were there from Wednesday to Sunday and could not get enough fun in!

M&M store
Shake Shack
Time Square

Statue of Liberty Ferry

On the ferry out to Ellis Island . We took the guided tour through the museum. it was amazing to learn what happened here.
The most delicious food. On the Ellis Island day we didn't eat at all until 2 in the afternoon. We were starving and we found the greatest little deli across from Battery Park. We ate all of this food. It was heaven!
Rockefeller Center!! We walked up 5th avenue all morning this day. A few of our favorites were Lindt chocolates, H&M, St Patricks Cathedral.
We went to Dylan's Candy Bar while we waited for our 45 min. seating to Serendipity for frozen hot chocolates just like in the movie of the same name. After and hour they told us it would be another hour wait. A little too popular for me. We jetted but not before a few sweets at this fun place!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


We have been having entirely too much fun in the last few months. Cooper and Mason were in the school play. They made their own costumes and Mason had a speaking part which he did very well!

We like to reward good behavior with ice cream at our house.

This year's annual Pinewood Derby! Fox and Mason had a ball. They love their new scout troop and they are having so much fun making new friends and goofing around. I love it too. They made their cars all by themselves but were clearly out shined by those who had a little"help". That's ok. that is what being a kid is all about.

One of my very favorite friends moved away from us this week. This a picture of the girls gorging themselves on cupcakes on her back porch. My girls LOVE playing at her house because she has three girls and the best girl toys ever! Also, their Mom Vicki has the best treats and spoils the kids whenever they are over. I will miss their family dearly. Hopefully our weekly phone calls ( to make sure we've survived the week) won't stop even though we can't see each other anymore.