Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Party!

The Stamps hosted our first event in the new house. We had all the appetizers at this table and we drank wassail, and cranberry spritzers  served from the punch bowl behind it.
All the candles were lit all over the house which lent to a great ambaince.
The desserts were served from the dining room table. Everyone brought delicious food.
These are the ice rings I made out of a number ten can with cranberries lining the top. It's hollow inside and we put a candle in it and lined the sidewalk leading up to the door. A big hit!
This is the family room where we served the antipasto plates and olives. Only certain palettes came to this table. Good, more for me! MMMM...olive breath!


Nate and Darli came to Denver for Thanksgiving. Their kids are so beautiful and precious.
All the kids had so much fun together. They chased and wrestled the whole time. We had a ball.
Giacomo is so darling. Couldn't you just kiss his face off?